This is the main site that I use to search for information and to build my trees. It does cost money to access documents but building a tree is free (but hard to do without accessing information).

Internet Archive

This website is amazing. It has digitized books and other resources that are public domain. I have found a lot of information through finding books in There are many books from the mid 19th century about specific towns, including genealogies of families in the town. They are a great resource for confirming or finding new information. Here are the books that I have used in my research and I will be adding more as I find them.

Find A

Results from this website do show up on but sometimes it is helpful to look up specific graveyards to see if there is any additional information.

Early Vital Records of Massachusetts 

This is another amazing website. I found this archive much easier to browse and navigate than using

Family Photo Detective

I have the book, Family Photo Detective, written by Maureen Taylor. It’s an excellent resource to help with finding hidden information in family photos. Her website also has some great information.

Ship Lists

Here are a few websites to help with ship manifests for early settlers to America.

Results from this website also come up on but there is a very cool search function where you can filter the results by place and time. I have found information through this function that never came up on This website also costs money to subscribe to. Some memberships come with a membership to this site.