Photographic Evidence: My Favorite Photograph, Two Men By A Pond

First published on September 13, 2015.

I am still computer-less so research is difficult at this moment. The good news is that I’m supposedly going to get all of the information off of my computer, phew. I wanted to share my favorite picture that was in my great-grandmother’s box. It is a gorgeous picture, both crisp and soft at the same time. It shows two men by a pond or lake. One man is crouched down by the pond and looks like he may have a fishing pole with him. The other man, mustachioed, is looked off into the distance. The bushes and grass in the foreground are very stark compared to the dreamy trees in the distance. This is by far my favorite picture to look at.


Right now I cannot say who these men are, but the man crouching by the pond is my great-great-grandfather Lyman Husted. I also don’t know who took this picture, but whoever it was, they captured a perfect moment.

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