Lewiston Snowshoe Convention

This is another new/real time post. Remember that picture I posted yesterday?

I was intrigued, so I googled Lewiston’s Ice Palace Snowshoe Convention and here’s what I found:

Lewiston is a town in Maine where in 1925 a large number of French Canadians who were part of snowshoe clubs came to the town and had a “New England Mardi Gras“, including winter sports and other various sorts of wintry fun, like building an ice palace. This picture in my collection is from the tenth anniversary of the Snowshoe Convention. There are some videos of the Snowshoe Convention in 1950. Sadly the last convention was in 2015 because Snowshoe Clubs had been slowly disappearing through the years. 

I don’t know who from my family went to the 1935 Snowshoe Convention, but I’m sure they had fun.