Game Plan: Jehial Stanton

First published on September 14, 2016.

Here is my game plan for Jehial Stanton. He definitely need[s] some work, I had his birthday wrong on ancestry. Here is what I’m almost positive is a picture of him (taken from a group shot):


I though[t] he would be a good candidate for research, I have pictures and new clippings related to him, census data on him would be more substantial (mid 1800s to early 1900s) and I had no idea who his parents where. There is a lot more information to find. Without further ado, here is the list I created to help focus my research on Jehial:

  • Compile all the information I currently have, especially about his first and last name (find Jehial in 1900 census)
  • Find other Stantons who moved at the same time
  • Look at information from his children
  • Find more information about his wife (Rebecca Wright Stanton)
  • Look at Stanton Genealogies
  • Find books about the area of NY where he was born
  • Find books about the are[a] of IA/IL that he lived
  • Find out what information I can get from libraries if I go in person
  • Look at wills of family members
  • Look for diaries, church records in Scott (IA), Clinton (IA), Rock Island (IL)
  • Death date and place?
  • Look up nephew Edward Remer
  • Look up Old Settler’s Association of Rock Island County
  • Look up Rev. H.B. Cox

This is my list so far. I will try to follow this list as I research. The next few posts will be about the information that I have now. Hopefully I can get closer to Jehial’s origin story.

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